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About Us
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Our History

Chruchill Dental Studio has been established since December 2014 as a part of the Churchill Shopping Centre. The owners, Vivien and Audrey have both been working at private dental clinics from different sides of Adelaide and decided to come together to form a practice that provides quality dental care in Kilburn and it’s surronding areas.

Dental Care
Our Philosophy

We believe that prevention is the best approach, and regular dental check ups and care will prevent most dental diseases from occuring and hence will provide less stress and an economical benefit to our patients. In light of our better understanding of the links between oral health and general health, the need for good oral and dental hygiene is becoming a top priority for many people, and we aim to create a working relationship with each of our patients to help achieve optumum oral health. Dental fear and anxiety can be overwhelimg for some people, so we would love to help our phobic patients and work tegether towards feel safe and relaxed.

Our team here at Churchill Dental Studio will strive to personalise your dental treatment to suit your needs, and we believe in open communication and being upfront with all of the treatment options and costs, so you will never feel left in the dark.

Mission and Core values

Our mission is to provide our patients with the highest quality of dental care based on sound scientific and ethical principles. We will strive to improve and enhance our community by empowering people to attain and maintain extraordinary oral health.


Our experience tells us that coming to the dentist might be worrisome for some therefore we are committed to overcome your fear and work hard to ensure maximum comfort and peace of mind during your time spent with us.


We will be engaged in all aspect of communication with honesty and respect to enable our patients to make full informed decisions in regards to their oral health.


It is our responsibility to ensure we provide the best possible quality of care by learning new techniques, evaluating new technologies and materials by continuingly educating