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Teeth Whitening – Your Gateway To New Age Smile

Tooth Whitening becomes a necessity at times. And it is an intricate process, beyond any doubts, whatsoever! Therefore, when you need to have your teeth whitened, you need to consult the best names, with considerable experience and expertise under their belt.

But first things first! Let us at first know, why teeth turn yellow.

Teeth yellowing is very much a normal part of aging. Just as the hair turns grey, teeth also turn yellow with age alongside. The fact is, it is Dentin, the inner part, which yellows much to the contrary to the belief that the outer part, the enamel yellows.

Thus, when it comes to teeth whitening, it has to be done extremely cautiously, so as NOT to inflict any damage to the teeth. For that whom you need to rely on, is a trustworthy teeth whitening dentist in Enfield, with a good reputation in the market. Here is where we, at Churchill Dental Studio makes all the difference. We are home to some of the most experienced dentists, who backed by state of the art tools and latest techniques, are poised to give you the most prolific teeth whitening results and experience.

Going back to the root cause behind yellowing of the teeth, there are other reasons behind it, other than aging.

yellowing of the teeth

They are:

  • Consumption of powerful antibiotics like Tetracycline before the age of 10
  • Any injury inflicted upon teeth or tooth
  • Excessive exposure to Fluoride – a medical condition called Fluorosis
  • A medical condition called Amelogenesis Imperfecta, (which is pretty rare though) which gives teeth a brown or yellow shade
  • Due to a genetic disorder, which alters the colour of teeth right from the birth

Besides, the colour of the teeth turns yellow due to excessive coffee, tea or wine and tobacco consumption. But these generally cause yellowing of the enamel.

How Teeth Whitening Works

Teeth Whitening refers to altering the colour of the teeth. Now there are two types of teeth whitening. Whitening the inner surface is called intrinsic whitening. Removal of the stains from the outer layer is referred to as the extrinsic whitening.

Intrinsic Whitening

This refers to as the whitening of the dentin, which is done with the help of hydrogen peroxide gel. The gel comes in contact with the dentin, making it lighter, thus whitening the teeth.

However, there are other ways of intrinsically whitening the teeth. An experienced Enfield dentist would prescribe means to protect teeth from accelerated or premature aging. This may include bringing changes in lifestyle.

The most amazing part is that once the inner surface it whitened that is reflected on the enamel, on the other surface, helping to provide an overall whiteness to the teeth.

Extrinsic Whitening

This involves removing the staining on the enamel or the outer surface of the tooth.

Mainly, the stains that are caused by excessive drinking and smoking, consumption of tea and coffee can be removed by using this process. This is done with the help of a polisher or a whitener, which usually comes in the form of toothpaste.

Unfortunately, a number of dentists follow extrinsic whitening procedures that are not safe for the health of the teeth. That is the reason it is best to opt for names like Churchill Dental Studio.

Thanks to the safest and highly effective procedures followed by some of the most prolific dentists, we are one of the most sought after names when it comes to orthodontic treatment.


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