Root Canal Therapy

ROOT CANAL THERAPY – the Best Way to Retain Your Natural Teeth

You will find a number of people who would avoid Root Canal Therapy for some misconceptions! In their book, the procedure is fairly complicated and invasive, and quite tricky to handle. All these are far from true, to say the least.

In most case, going through an RCT is as simple as it can be. Dentists provide anesthesia to make you feel relaxed and at ease during the therapy, thus making things more comfortable for the patients.  

During the procedure, a tiny hole is drilled in the tooth for getting access to the pulp and removing it. After the pulp is removed, the cavity, which is now vacant is then cleaned thoroughly with the help an appropriate device. Once done, the hole is sealed and a dental crown is placed on the tooth to provide an added protection.

So you see, the process carried out by an Angle Park dentist is exceptionally straightforward, and because of the local anesthesia, it will be entirely painless.

If you are still sceptical about the process, visit us at Churchill Dental Studio. Our dental expert will have the entire procedure described more vividly so that you are not left with any reservation about the process.

Here are the advantages of a successful Root Canal Therapy

It Will Help You Get Rid of a Toothache


Nagging Toothache? Get Rid of it by RCT

Suffering from an infected pulp in your tooth can be nothing short of a nightmare! It causes:

  • An excruciating toothache, which can be continuous as well as intermittent
  • Bad breath and a pungent taste and smell around the affected area
  • Mild fever
  • Swelling in the gum and the tissues of the jaw
  • Tenderness and trouble while chewing and opening the jaws

An effective RCT followed by proper routine medication will help you get rid of all these issues almost instantly, and help you get back to a normal life from the dental aspects.

It Saves the Affected Tooth From Extraction


saves tooth from extraction

If you do not take care of a pulp infection for too long, it will invariably distort the configuration of the affected tooth within your jaw. This will ultimately disorient the basic structure, leading to the fallout of the tooth. If not, you will have to have it extracted.

Therefore, RCT will help you save the tooth from extraction – something we at Churchill Dental Studio always look forward to. Truly, whenever you visit us, our principle aim is to retain your tooth unless and until it is absolutely not possible.  

It Improves the Overall Appearance of the Tooth


With fracture, decay and infection, the aesthetics of your tooth gets a serious beating. However, fret not!! An Croydon Park dentist, will immaculately perform an RCT, thus ensuring that the hole is cleaned and sealed with a bonding material that is durable to last for long!

Come to us at Churchill Dental Studio, and we will ensure a perfect RCT and a customised tooth crown that will not only fortify your tooth but will make it stronger while retaining its natural look and feel.

So – Do You Need RCT?

Do not put off the treatment!! Come to us at Churchill Dental Studio. Our highly competent dentists will make you smile yet again – with a simple and a perfect Root Canal Therapy!!

Get in touch with us TODAY, to know further details about Root Canal Therapy and schedule an appointment at the earliest!

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