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EROSION ALERT – Acidic Food & Drinks Which Spell DOOM For Your Oral Health

The existing universe has sworn to feed you an endless amount of food (or beverages) any time of the day, ensuring you INDULGE way more than your necessity and capacity!

But while writing ‘A Gastronome‘ in your social media profile may make you look cool (garnering likes, comments and all…) all that mindless eating and drinking can genuinely TAKE A SERIOUS TOLL ON YOUR ORAL HEALTH.

tooth erosion

So, if you thought that only sweet-tasting drinks and food spell trouble for your teeth – THINK AGAIN!

Sugar is not the only dietary component which hampers your smile. There are other food and beverages (high in acids) which erode the enamel meant to safeguard your precious teeth. Dentists refer to this as TOOTH EROSION. Left unchecked, it could change the entire appearance of your teeth and give an open invitation to infection and cavities!

If your enamel starts wearing away, TOOTH EROSION BECOMES PERMANENT!”

  • Whenever you consume cold/hot or sweetened drinks; you experience sensitivity and pain.
  • A noticeable yellowish discolouration appears on your teeth.
  • You become more prone to cavities over time.
  • You notice your fillings have chanced.
  • You develop an abscess and also become susceptible to tooth loss in severe cases.

Furthermore, if erosion does take place; you may require crowns, dental fillings, a root canal treatment or even tooth separation.

To Avoid This Trauma – BEWARE OF THESE!

Energy Drinks/Carbonated Beverages:

stop having carbonated drinks

A mouth full of popcorn infused with your favourite soft drink- is any dentist’s nightmare! And if that wasn’t enough, even the so-called DIET versions are no lesser culprits with the presence of Phosphoric acid and Citric acid.

Be wise and stop bathing your teeth in a low pH environment with sodas and soft drinks. Switch to water, coconut water, Kombucha, etc.!


stop alcohol consumption

Alcohol consumption should go hand in hand with MODERATION – not that anyone gives a hoot! Sufficient intake dehydrates your system and brings forth to a condition called DRY-MOUTH.

Improper flushing of saliva leads to food stagnation in your mouth. And with the acidic presence inside, the mouth becomes more conducive for germ/bacterial multiplication- eventually weakening the tooth structure with time and more exposure. The same can be said about red wine which causes TEETH STAINING!

Sour Candies:

stop having sour candies

It goes without saying that acid and sugar prove to be a lethal combination inside your mouth. These candies remain glued to your teeth for an elongated period and give an open invitation to bacteria, eventually resulting in demineralisation of the tooth.


don't eat ice

Accidentally biting on ice can cause the enamel to crack/fracture/chip. It can also lead to a severe dental emergency! Furthermore, exposure to extreme temperature exposure increases sensitivity in the tooth.

Dried Food & Gummy Bears:

stop having too much gummy bears

Sticky food remains stuck in the fissures of the teeth for a long time if they aren’t properly rinsed or washed by normal salivation. And the more you continue to eat them, the more you’ll harm your teeth.

Citrus Fruits:

don't eat too much citrus fruits

Oranges, lemon, berries, strawberries and kiwi consist of plenty of acids. With time, it leads to dentin (which is softer to enamel) exposure! Additionally, citrus fruits/juices also help agitate present mouth sores and existing ulcers.


Churchill Dental Studio – as your premier dental clinic in Croydon Park; recommends you to eat everything, but within your limits.

And if you do develop a dental problem; call at (08) 8262 3277 / 0451 690 418 and our cosmetic dentist serving Adelaide will offer you dental care at affordable prices.

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