Dealing With A Cracked Tooth

Detecting & Dealing With A Cracked Tooth

Some dental issues like a cracked or broken crown is very difficult to miss. And though many may believe that it is difficult to overlook a cracked tooth, truth be told, many have issues spotting this particular dental issue.

To have a better chance of recognising a fractured tooth; you need to familiarise yourself with its common symptoms and causes.

The Cracked Tooth Story

A crack tooth syndrome takes place when your tooth has a crack that’s too little to get caught on X-rays. Such minor cracks take place often on molars, and it also can happen under the gum.

Often the pain/discomfort of a cracked tooth is felt when you bit into food or when your teeth are exposed to either hot or cold temperature. The worse part of it is that this pain, as well as the cavity, will not remain constant. With time, it will only get worse.


Cracks in your tooth can always happen due to chewing on hard candy like jawbreakers and ice candy. At times habits caused due to stress like tooth grinding or jaw clenching can also cause slight fractures on your tooth.

Treating Different Cracks

In this modern era, there are numerous dental care treatments used to repair a cracked tooth. Depending on the severity of the crack and the degree of damage, the treatment is prescribed. But before all that, the dentist will perform an examination to get a proper idea about your tooth condition.

Truth be told, this should not be left unattended. In fact, at the first sign of suffering, you should contact “Churchill Dental Studio” and allow our dentists to treat it properly. They have years of field experience under their bell and using that; they will provide quality dental care to your cracked tooth.

Take a look at a few different conditions:

A Fractured Cusp:

Fractured Cusp

This is one condition where the crack takes place in the upper section of your tooth called the cusp. Due to this crack, your tooth breaks down and need to be extracted.

To treat this; you can always rely on our proficient dentist in Gentle Adelaide to cap and protect the fractured cusp with the help of a dental crown.

A Cracked Tooth:

Cracked Tooth

The nature of these cracks is they run vertically from the top to the tooth’s crown to downwards. If it is not treated properly, the cracks may increase and eventually demand the tooth to be extracted out.

Our dentists will examine the crack properly and treat it right using the RTC or Root Canal Treatment, immediately followed by a dental crown fitting.

A Split Tooth:

Split Tooth

This is the result of negligence on your part. When a cracked tooth is not treated in time, the cracks delve deep beyond its roots. This gives the impression of a split tooth. Again the most effective treatment for this condition is the Root Canal Treatment.

But tooth extraction is also a distinct possibility if the damage has become very severe.

A Vertical Root Fracture:

This is a condition when the tooth has a crack that extends through the whole tooth. This condition typically calls for a dentist to save the tooth, and so no delay should be made.

Remember, only a licensed dental care professional in Adelaide can determine what’s the best treatment for your fractured tooth. So, feel free to get in touch with us.

‘We Create Smiles With a Gentle Touch.’ And for you, we promise to assure to decode all your dental problems once-and-for-all!


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