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Dental Implants – Why Are They Best Options After Tooth Extraction?

Have you had a tooth or two extracted recently and ruing over it? You do not need to do so any more, for you have the option of going for dental implantation.

Yes, if you are too conscious about the uncouth gap(s) in your smile, and even worse, if they stop you from speaking distinctly and from enjoying your favourite dishes, then tooth implantation is the best answer to all these.

Why is filling up the dental gaps so important?

Dental gaps are something that no one really likes. They not only interfere with the look of an individual, and the person’s dietary habits, but are dangerous from the medical point of view as well.

filling up the dental gaps

Firstly, since they inhibit proper chewing procedure, they may result in poor digestion of foods, especially the ones that are too much fibrous or are rich in carbohydrates. Secondly, they make the gum more vulnerable to disease, which itself results in further loss of the adjacent teeth as well.

Thus, it is so important to fill in those dental gaps, and what better option can you have than dental implants? In fact, it is the best of all the options that you have. And when it comes to implanting tooth, Churchill Dental Studio is the best place that you can visit.

Honestly, being the home to some of the best dentists and with a considerable amount of experience, Churchill Dental Studio is a class of its own.

The state of the art equipment that we use make sure that the quality of implantation is simply the best, so that the expectations of our patients are not only met, but things go beyond their expectations.

Why is dental implantation the best option?


In most of the cases, tooth replacements, just like dentures and the dental bridges, can only recreate that part of a tooth, which is visible. It is known as the crown.

While apparently, there should not be any reservation about these techniques, and they might certainly look great, it may at times leave the patient vulnerable to degeneration of the jawbone.

dental implantation

This happens mainly after tooth extraction, or when a tooth is lost due to any other reason. This is because following the extraction, human body starts reabsorbing the nutrients from the adjacent jawbones as it knows that the tooth that used to lend support is now missing.

This is a natural process and cannot be stopped. With time, this creates a shallow and sinking effect on the entire face, and even results in loosening of the other teeth, forcing them out of their normal places.  

Here is where implantation plays a vital role. In this process, every minute detail, starting from the root up to the entire tooth is reinstated. A tiny titanium post is implanted directly into the jaw. This post replicates the root of the natural tooth.

This not only provides a strong foundation to the replacement tooth but it also to the jaws just like a natural tooth. This guarantees that the jaw retains its natural shape and strength over a period of time.  

Thus, tooth implantation, if done perfectly by an experienced dentist of Adelaide is the only and only treatment that helps in perfect restoration of the dental structure, even when one or more than one tooth is lost.

So if you are looking for dental implantation, get in touch with us at Churchill Dental Studio. We come up with the best implantation at a reasonable price.

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