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Consult Our Dentist About Your Kid’s Thumb Sucking Habit

Thumb sucking can be a difficult habit for 4-5-year-old kids to break in their tender age. And while at some point you may think- “enough is enough” this does very little to curb this cute habit your kids have developed. 

Truth be told, thumb sucking is a common challenge for most kids’ dentist. And our dentists advise parents to take proactive measures to prevent this habit. The habit is more common in kids 4-6 years of age and continuation of it may lead to long-term complications in their teeth and jaw! 

Understanding that every kid is different- we, at “Churchill Dental Studio” recommend parents to speak to one of our dentists serving Croydon about appropriate oral solutions for children.

Long-Term Effects Of Thumb Sucking On The Mouth?”

Sucking thumb vigorously can have lots of long-term effects on their mouth and teeth. It brings repetitive pressure on the sucking places on the teeth, the roof of the mouth and even the jawbone. 

They May Lead To The Following Possibilities In The Long-Run. 

  • The front teeth may protrude out of the jaw and mouth.
  • Changes to their jaw shape which can also hamper the alignment of the teeth and sensitivity of the roof of the mouth.
  • It may also affect the development of the lisp. Furthermore; if your 5-year-olds keep sucking their thumb, it can also bring about challenges in their speech and facial appearance.
  • Bottom teeth tipping inwards at the back of the mouth. 

Our biggest concern with this habit is the oral health of these kids. They have a bad habit of touching everything- most of which may consist of bacteria. And by putting their dirty thumb inside their mouth leads to cavities and dental infections- which will only increase with time. 

Parents can teach them the habit of washing their hand properly using a hand wash (not soap) as a temporary solution. But eventually, they will need to stop them from putting their thumb inside their mouth. 

We usually tell parents to stop their kid’s thumb sucking habit when once they are 5-years- especially when their permanent teeth start coming out.It may even affect their natural teeth alignment. 

Breaking The Habit:

Dr Audrey Lim, B.D.S – an elite member of our team catering to both adult and kid dentist issues in Croydon explains:- 

Most kids start this habit as a way to pacify their frustrations and calm their emotions. So, what parents should do is look to hug them and do some intimate mom-son bonding like reading stories, or playing board games to make them feel comfortable. 

Moreover, they should also look to identify triggers by speaking to them and finding out the real cause of their frustrations and angst. You can also tell them some reassuring words, watch their favourite shows with them and even keep their favourite stuffed toys under their pillow to squeeze if the urges come back again.” 

If you are worried about your kid’s oral health due to this pestering habit, then schedule an appointment with us. We don’t use any unpleasant techniques like covering your little one’s thumb with some bitter substance or bandaging.   

If anything; we will carefully examine their oral health and based on that will provide you with effective ideas to improve their dental concerns.

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