Don’t Let Anxiety Stop You From Dental Implants

“Anxiety Stopping You From Taking Dental Implant Advice?” DON’T LET IT

Regardless of whether you’ve lost your tooth due to some decay, accident or infection, the most sought after way of getting a long-term tooth replacement is DENTAL IMPLANTS.

Some reports have even stated that if they are professionally fitted, they can last a decade (give or take).

We, at Churchill Dental Studio– understand that getting dental implants can be a source of anxiety. But we also encourage you not to let your worries, fear and false pretences stop you from securing such life-changing advice.

Having a dedicated team of professional dentists; we are always here to be your support right through the implant process- be it the initial consultation stage or during the post-program care.

Dr Audrey Lim, B.D.S (one of our team members) presents some advice on why you should not let anxiety get the better of you and cloud your judgement.

She says:-

“Dental implant treatments replace the whole tooth- even the root. Titanium implants are surgically inserted to your jawbone and are capped using a replacement crown. They function like normal truth and presents:-

  • Patients to follow a regular oral hygiene regime.
  • It looks good and makes patients feel good about themselves. Plus, the crowns are prepared using ceramic materials to make them real-like.
  • In contrast to dental bridges, dental implant treatments do not increase tooth decay. Nor does it increase its sensitivity as they are inserted immaculately to the jaw bone.”

Dr Vivian Chai- B.D.S (another of our dedicated team member) who has invaluable insights on dental implant treatment opines:-

“Patients who out of fear are reluctant to opt for dental implant treatments- this is to correct their knowledge that:-

Dental Implant Treatment Doesn’t Involve Any Pain.


Pain a powerful motivator for patients to not opt for the treatment. However, all this is misleading as there is no pain during the procedure.

The only painful sensation comes after the process when the incisions take time to heal and while adjusting the implants. However, we ensure you get the support, care and knowledge to take care of the pain and the implants effectively.”

The good doc further states that dental implants help prevent damage to other mouth areas.

  • The Jaw Bone Region:-Whenever a tooth is lost, the jaw bone mass is also lost with it. Hence, when that region no longer is stimulated by chewing or grinding- resportion happens.

And this can be more daunting to integrate the implants – if one isn’t left with any other option in the future.

  • The Remainder Of The Teeth:-When a tooth is lost, it also causes damage to the remaining teeth as the rest of the teeth has to do all the grinding and chewing.”

With the loss of a tooth, the structural support of the tooth also goes for a toss. And the remainder of the teeth needs to fill in the gap. In time they get crooked and ugly.” 

Final Words 

In sharp contrast to the preposterous beliefs that circulate, there are numerous benefits of using dental implants.

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