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The 6 Questions to Ask Before Undergoing Teeth Whitening Treatment

When it comes to talking about teeth whitening, there was a time when people treated it as a cosmetic procedure especially when you are a part of professions such as modelling or probably acting where you are always a part of the limelight and need to convey a good image of yourself. In the present times, things aren’t limited to that where there are several who make plans for teeth whitening to increase their aesthetical appeal and is often seen consulting dentists and similar teeth specialists who can help them with whiter teeth and a brighter smile.

Simply walking into a dentist’s clinic for teeth whitening in Adelaide and taking a decision of getting the teeth whitened isn’t the solution where there may be numerous reasons why your teeth have started to discolour and requires attention. Even when you start the process of whitening, you should know everything about the products and techniques and only then go ahead.

Here is a quick discourse on everything that you should know about teeth whitening and its aspects.

What is the reason behind the discolouration?

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On a daily basis, we are known to consume multiple foods and do not worry about the ill-effects it has on the teeth. Foods like cola, rich in food colour, etc. are known to leave behind stains. Medications or consuming tobacco is also known to be a cause for the discolouration. Prolonging their presence on the teeth tends to give about colours such as yellow (basics), brown or black. Discoloured yellow teeth are what gets treated in most cases as that is the easiest rather than putting in a lot of effort for the brown or the black coloured ones.

How safe are the teeth whitening treatment?

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The procedure is non-surgical where it is completely a painless procedure. Before and after the procedure is conducted, there is the need to follow a few rules that would ensure positive results after the whitening is complete. Numerous stores sell home kits for teeth whitening, but these aren’t known to be as effective as that of the dentists as they make use of hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide in higher quantities as that of the kits. Such usage is only restricted to the dentists and not people who make it a DIY task.

What are the side effects?

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Teeth whitening mean bleaching them and are just meant for the teeth to endure. If it is an amateur dental expert performing it, there are chances of the uneven application while leaving behind yellow spots on the teeth. When a dentist in Enfield performs teeth whitening, they are known to cover the gums and the tongue with protective gear just so that the chemical doesn’t harm them. There are times when people witness numbness in the teeth, but that is something temporary. Lactating mothers or pregnant mothers are advised to not take up such treatment as any leaks to the mouth can contaminate the breast milk or reach the placenta

What would be the level of whiteness of the teeth?

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This is something that varies from person to person. Not everyone would witness similar results depending on the level of discolouration. You wouldn’t receive drastic results, but the shade of the teeth would brighten considerably.

If there an event to attend, when should the teeth whitening be conducted?

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The results of teeth whitening depend from person to person, and it takes a minimum time of two weeks to show results when done with the DIY kit. Depending on the level of discolouration the procedure would come to action. When it comes to being at the dental clinic, you may receive results instantly.

What is the longevity of the teeth whitening?


It often depends on the precautions that you take when it comes to whitened teeth. You are to follow a few oral habits as well as prevent yourself from consuming foods that can stain the teeth and bring it back to what it was before. When you take care of the teeth well, you watch it stay for as long as two years.


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